Milk systems

Some of your guests’ favourite drinks are speciality coffees with milk foam. You can meet their every requirement with our milk system. Developed in-house, it offers a range of foams from Basic to Top. Make yourself stand out from your competition and win more business.

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Clean In Place

You cannot deliver optimum quality and flavour to your customers without a daily clean down.
Melitta® helps here: daily recording, completely automatic, no manual dismantling and certified to hygiene regulations. For absolutely guaranteed pleasure!

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The Melitta® brewing unit

A coffee bean harbours more than 800 aromas. The brewing unit is the key element in ensuring each and every one of these is released. That is why our developers are so passionate about it.  The result – the ultimate in precision, consistency and longevity – with optimum aroma extraction.

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Grinding discs wear naturally and this can compromise the quality of your coffee. The intelligent ACS® technology automatically ensures that these essential items remain in optimum condition. Without you having to do anything. So you can get on with more important things.

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Melitta® Hygiene-Highlights

Hygienesicherheit ist nicht erst seit Corona-Zeiten überall dort besonders gefordert, wo Lebensmittel hergestellt, verarbeitet und zum Verkauf oder Verzehr angeboten werden. Eine gute Hygiene- und Herstellungspraxis hat die EU 2016 im Leitfaden zu PRP („prerequisite programs“, Basishygienemaßnahmen) und HACCP („Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points“, Grundsätze zur Gefahrenanalyse und Überwachung kritischer Kontrollpunkte) beschrieben.

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